How this Sales Guy Overcome being a #RuthlessPrick: Johnathan Keys

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How this Sales Guy Overcome being a #RuthlessPrick: Johnathan Keyser

Hey Boss!
Have you ever met a RUTHLESS person? And for some reason, your hair crawled? Or watch a character on Game of Thrones that was so ruthless, that you were begging the other person to win, even though you KNOW who is actually going to WIN – the Ruthless one.
So, I recently met and interviewed Jonathan Keyser – a guy that is overcoming being a ruthless prick (his words, not mine)
Enjoy this very lively interview!
Heather Havenwood

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Who is Johnathan Keyser

Johnathan Keyser is the founder and thought leader behind Keyser. By using the Selfless Service Model, in just six years Keyser became the largest tenant rep commercial real estate firm in Arizona, and one of the most rapidly growing in the country. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Jonathan is an author, columnist, nationally renowned speaker, and is currently working towards the launch of the Keyser Institute to train companies and the next generation of selfless leaders.

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