How to Know You are Dating a Narcissist! With Karyn Battersby

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How to Know You are Dating a Narcissist! With Karyn Battersby

Hey Boss!
Look this is not a lite subject, and I know that you will get a lot out of it. I recently did get out of a relationship with a narcissist, so I would know…
I do go a bit deep and personal in this episode, so BEWARE!
Narcissism is a personality disorder can has the potential to rip up a persons confidence. I reached out specifically for people in my circle to share from REAL experts on the signs and help on how to remove yourself.
I hope you enjoy my personal stories as a way to help you and others in self love.

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Who is Karyn Battersby

Karyn describes herself as a truth seeker and a truth teller, her warm, authentic nature and direct communication style combine to ensure that her clients have both direction and support. Karyn is a passionate advocate of personal development, growth and living life authentically. She sees her own development as not just a way to live her belief that life is a learning journey, but also, to bring new tools to her clients. Karyn specialises in working with women rebuilding their lives after leaving toxic and narcissistic relationships and is soon to release her first book on the topic. Fix Your Man Picker