RAWHH20: My Secret: Powerful Story Telling with Heather Havenwood

Story Telling The Win Heather Havenwood 2017

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Hi Winners,

This RAW session is truly a workshop in how to be a powerful storyteller by learning how to share your own personal story; NOT YOUR RESUME.

We as human beings desire to connect, and we connect to other human beings through stories, drama, and overcoming challenges.

Why do reality TV shows rank so high? Because the story or ‘REAL’ life, allows us to connect.

As a person that has been interviewed over 210 times, I will pull back the curtain and reveal the arch, section by section of how I deliver and construct my personal story.

I do it in such a way that at the end of this episode, you will be able to place your own personal journey in the same construct. You'll have a story so compelling that people will beg ou to be to share.


Heather Havenwood