Smart Women Investing in Blockchain It is Time! With Nicole Jolie

women investing blockchain
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Hi Winners,

If you have been under a rock, then you MIGHT not heard of BlockChain. But just in case you are active and aware of the trends, you have heard of Blockchain. But, that does not mean you understand it. Nicole and I discuss what it is, and why women should be looking at and investing in Blockchain. NOW is the time! Don't be scared, OWN your future!

I chat with Nicole Jolie about women making money using Blockchain. Learn if your bank account reflects your sexiness and how to start with Blockchain with confidence. It's an interesting conversation too about women in finance and Wallstreet so you can rock it with Blockchain.

    • Nicole shares her Wallstreet experience working with
      investment advisors, making money for clients,
      her role in compliance and her own investing.
    • Discover how much things have changed since the 90's when
      we had the Intranet, in office memo's and when 'email' started.
    • We cover women in Wallstreet, stereotypes, how women
      were treated and women's relationship with money.
    • Learn how it is changing business and how women are
      getting into this space.
    • How is news and fear and YouTube affecting this market.
    • The conversation moves towards women's risk
      tolerance and portfolios, and what is holding women back.
  • Find out what you need to get started and what to
    focus on and learn.

Nicole Jolie

A self-inflicted entrepreneur who refuses to give up, Nicole Jolie has co-created her own line of anti-aging skincare, and a line of kitchen goods, trained triathletes as a USAT Coach, and professional football players as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, worked on Wall Street, and traveled the world. Smart Women Blockchain is Nicole's answer for smart, intelligent, women who are more interested in making money than they are in buying that dress on sale at Nordstrom's Rack.