WHH28: Stop Repeating Yourself – Create an Online Course with Greg Smith

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Who is Greg Smith?

Greg Smith went from being a lawyer at one of the largest law firms in the country to being the Founder and CEO of Thinkific. He created an online course about the LSAT's while still in law school and, within just a few years, was making more money from the course than he was as a lawyer. Approximately four and a half years ago he decided to leave the law career behind and pursue the market of online course creation.

“My online business presence started before there was even websites.” – Greg Smith

What in the World is Thinkific?

As someone who personally started creating courses online back in 2001, I understand the frustration Greg experienced when launching and growing his first online course. Those frustrations led Greg and his younger brother, who is a software developer, to create a program that would help make the process of creating online courses easier for them. After a few years, other course creators wanted access the program they had created and Thinkific as we know it today was born.

“I don’t think he fully believed that it was gonna fly. We actually had a bit of a bet as to whether it would make any sales.” – Greg Smith

How Does Thinkific Help Online Course Creators?

Using his own experience, and frustrations, of creating courses online, Greg designed Thinkific to be as easy to use as possible while still allowing creators to fully customize their courses. It provides a low technological barrier to entry and makes it so that anyone who wants to create an online course can do so; and without any other equipment besides a computer and their own knowledge. Although, Greg does have a few suggestions on how to make your courses really shine using a few basic pieces of equipment.

“I’m at the point now where, if I have a few videos shot, I can launch a course in under three minutes.” – Greg Smith

Tapping into an Overlooked International Market

I admit I sometimes stay in my little United States bubble and forget about the incredible international markets I could be selling to. Thinkific helps creator tap into these markets by making it very easy for students to change the website into the language of their choice. It's still up to the content creators to provide their content in foreign language but this can easily be done by having the text or closed captioning translated for a very reasonable price using websites like Fiverr or Upwork.

“I’ve seen people doing amazingly well just by going into Brazil and offering stuff in Portuguese.” – Greg Smith

If you are short on time, here are the highlights of Stop Repeating Yourself – Create an Online Course with Greg Smith:

Who is Greg Smith and Why Did He Create Thinkific? (2:33)
What Equipment is Needed to Create a Course on Thinkific? (13:21)
What types of courses can be created on Thinkific? (18:40)
What is the Women Entrepreneur Summit and How is Greg Involved? (20:11)
What is Greg’s Mission with Thinkific? (24:41)
Using Thinkific to Tap into Often Overlooked International Markets (25:57)

Connect with Greg Smith

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Greg Smith's Bio

Greg Smith is the Founder and CEO of Thinkific, a software platform that makes it easy to create, market and sell onlinecourses. Greg was working as a corporate lawyer for one of the largest lawfirms in the country when he launched an onlinecourse as a sideproject. Revenues from his courses on surpassed his salary as a lawyer, and Greg jumped into online education fulltime.

Since then, Greg and his team at Thinkific have helped thousands of coaches, authors, speakers, and companies create and sell their own online courses as away to build their brands and their revenues

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