Women Owned Businesses are growing every year. Meet Female Entrepreneur advocate Heather Havenwood and her New show ‘The Win’ which is designed to discuss the true LIFESTYLE of the REAL business owner, solo-entrepreneur, freelancer and independent agent. In ‘The Win’ Heather brings ALL entrepreneurs access to mentors who can give them the knowledge, wisdom, leadership they need in order to start or grown an online business and live a fearless and fulfilled life.

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How Copywriting made me a success and allowed me to sell millions of sunglasses on infomercials- Joe Sugarman

The Win with Heather Havenwoods and Joe Sugarman

In this exclusive chat with legend, friend and business partner Joe Sugarman – we discuss the lessons he was taught as he was building an advertising business starting in the 70’s and now is Chairman of BluBlocker.com a company that was first to sell sunglasses via Infomercials.  Joe is the forward of my book Sexy Boss™ a dear friend, a true mentor in my life.   Joe shares the lessons he has learned over the years as an entrepreneur. This interview is a treasure to be heard over and over again.   Joe and I produced an event SuccessMagnetSeminar.com in Vegas 2013. One of his last times speaking on copywriting.

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