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Helping You Grow and Scale a Wildly Successful Business Online...To UnCage Your Voice, Your Knowledge...



Helping You Grow and Scale a Wildly Successful Business Online...To UnCage Your Voice, Your Knowledge...

Her Hormone Club is a new direct-to-women health company. Her Hormone Club provides access to state of the art testing and board certified medical doctors who specialize in natural hormone balancing and proven treatments to help alleviate the symptoms of hormone imbalance, through an accessible telemedicine platform.

Your custom treatment plan with Her Hormone Club starts with a short and secure intake questionnaire followed by state of the art hormone testing and an online consultation with a Hormone Club medical doctor to determine the best natural treatment(s) for you.

If your provider determines that Her Hormone Club is right for you, she will prescribe an FDA-approved treatment during your HIPAA-compliant (secure and encrypted for your privacy) consultation, submit it to the pharmacy on your behalf and the pharmacy will ship your prescription directly to your door immediately after.

Your natural hormone prescription will arrive within 2-3 days of when it was shipped.

When you begin treatment, regularly scheduled consultations with your Hormone Club provider will follow-up to make sure your hormones are working for you and make adjustments, if necessary.

As a Hormone Club member, our staff will be available to answer questions over our secure message platform or make adjustments as your needs change and your prescriptions will be delivered conveniently to your door.

We are currently available in all states in the continental US except NY, NJ, RI and have limited availability in IA and AL.

Please note that you must use your personal address when signing up. We're not able to ship prescriptions or tests to alternate addresses in qualifying states.

Your monthly Hormone Club membership includes complete end-to-end personalized care for you by a Hormone Club medical provider. Here's what's included:

  • State of the art hormone testing with DUTCH test and thyroid
  • Consultations with a medical doctor licensed in your state
  • Bioidentical hormones shipped directly to your door
  • Periodic retesting for dose optimization and adjustment

We care about getting you the treatment you need as quickly as possible. Hormone Club staff respond to all patient messages within one business day. Within a month of completing testing, you should have your hormones in hand and be on your way to feeling great.

No. Your consultations with your physicians must occur by teleconferencing and can not be completed by phone. Please make sure to have good internet access and that your audio and video are working before attempting to join your appointment. Failure to have audio and video available for your consultation will be regarded as a missed appointment and a fee will apply.

Your trust and keeping your information secure is our number one priority. We built Her Hormone Club from day one with security as a core principle. Here's how we ensure that your information stays private.

1. Any sensitive personal information that you share with Her Hormone Club is stored and transferred via encrypted links. Our systems are built on top of Google Cloud, in a HIPAA and SOC-2 compliant environment. In plain english: we treat your information with the same sensitivity, tools, and practices that the best hospitals and medical systems use today.

2. Her Hormone Club will never sell or give away your data.

3. All payment information is stored remotely on Stripe's secure storage, and billing information is only accessed through encrypted tokens.

We care about patient privacy because we and our families are patients too. We're building something we're confident will protect all of our information.

Because we are a telehealth service, we are not able to handle medical emergencies, which often require in-person examinations and treatment. If you're experiencing a medical emergency, immediately call 911, contact your in-person provider or go to a hospital for urgent care.

Once you've received the appropriate medical attention, update your Hormone Club provider so that any changes to your health will be reflected in your treatment.

No, we do not provide primary care and are not able to be your primary care physician. You are required to maintain a relationship with your primary care physician as a requirement of your participation in the Hormone Club and undergo annual physical examinations with them.

Yes, we require all members to undergo mammography screening at the recommended intervals of age 40-50 biannually, age 50+ annually unless outstanding circumstances obviate the need for this, which can be detailed on the intake form.

To become and remain a member you must undergo mammography screening at the recommended intervals (age 40-50 biannually, age 50+ annually) and physical examination with your personal physician annually. Please do not apply for membership until these screenings are current as you will not be accepted. Remaining current with these screenings is a requirement of your continued membership and failure to comply will result in termination.

If you have had breast cancer previously and/or do not undergo mammography screening for this or other reasons we will consider your unique situation on a case by case basis and these is a space to add this information on the screening questionniare.

Testing and follow up consultations at the required intervals are also needed to maintain membership and membership will be terminated with failure to comply with all testing and consultation and medication requirements.

Thermography is a powerful tool to detect potentially harmful changes in the breast but is not the current standard of care for screening for breast cancer. Therefore, we are unable to accept thermograms in place of the mammogram requirement for membership.


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As an accomplished business leader and acclaimed coach, Ali brings enormous expertise, insight, and energy to select audiences around the world. To inquire about Ali speaking at your next event, please complete this brief form.


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