3 Ways to ReClaim Your Time with Steven Griffith

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3 Ways to ReClaim Your Time with Steven Griffith

Hey Boss!
So, you say you are in control of your life? REALLY?
I doubt it!  In this very eye-opening interview, I took on many of the steps that Steven suggested, for example, turning off the color on your cell phone, turn it to grey! Yep! I have already done this for a weekend, and I notice I am not checking my phone as many times in the day! I ReClaimed My Time!
Enjoy this very eye-opening Interview!
Heather Havenwood

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Who is Steven Griffith

Steven Griffith is a nationally recognized expert author, speaker, researcher, and performance expert. He is the author of the book-The Time Cleanse and considered one of the leading authorities on the connection between time, productivity, and performance. For over 25 years, Steven Griffith has been helping the world's most successful executives, CEOs, entrepreneurs military leaders, professional athletes, celebrities, and organizations around the world discover their true potential and perform at peak levels.

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