3 Ways to Spiritual Transformation with Athena Demetrios

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3 Ways to Spiritual Transformation with Athena Demetrios

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In this very RAW interview, Athena – shares her personal story of trauma – and how she overs adversity in her life and how she helps others to overcome massive emotions and step into their own power.
I truly loved this interview.
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Who is Athena Demetrios

Athena Demetrios is a spiritual intuitive, a medium and a channel. She maintained a successful career in the film industry as a make-up artist while exploring the world of the unseen. Her sensitivity as a psychic began to accelerate when a powerful spiritual experience opened doors into other dimensions. 

Awakened in her darkest hour by the Ascended Master Saint Germain and guided by his teachings, she began her journey towards healing and transformation. Through hypnotic regression that enabled her to explore repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse, she regained her power. 

Athena became a channel for the grand spirit of Dr. James Martin Peebles, a 19th-century spiritual philosopher she affectionately calls her Mystical Muse. Today, she facilitates seminars in higher consciousness where she shares the tools and insights of her own odyssey, assisting and empowering others in the discovery of their own Divine Presence. 

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