American Entrepreneur and CEO of Social Juke Box with Tim Fargo

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American Entrepreneur and CEO of Social Juke Box with Tim Fargo

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I love this interview, because it is a story of a TRUE Creative Entrepreneur! He shares many stories of many businesses that he had before that worked and failed. Ā I love digging deep into peopleā€™s stories and backgrounds so I can see where things got their start. Ā Now, Tim Fargo is the CEO of Social Juke Box – which solved a problem! Scheduling Social Media Platform!
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Who is Tim Fargo

TimĀ FargoĀ isĀ anĀ AmericanĀ entrepreneurĀ andĀ theĀ CEOĀ ofĀ automatedĀ socialĀ media
postingĀ serviceĀĀ HeĀ isĀ alsoĀ theĀ authorĀ ofĀ AlphabetĀ Success.
Tim isĀ bestĀ knownĀ forĀ co-foundingĀ insuranceĀ fraudĀ investigativeĀ company,
OmegaĀ InsuranceĀ ServiceĀ inĀ 1996,Ā whichĀ becameĀ theĀ second-biggestĀ insurance
fraudĀ investigativeĀ companyĀ inĀ theĀ UnitedĀ States,Ā andĀ wasĀ acquiredĀ by
FirstĀ AdvantageĀ inĀ 2003Ā forĀ $20Ā million.

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