Attorney turn Business Owner Vacation Advocate with Denise Gosnell

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Attorney turnĀ Business OwnerĀ Vacation Advocate with Denise Gosnell

Hey Boss!
Have you ever heard, work less, make more? I have many times over, and yet – no one has actually been able to teach me how to do this until I met Denise Gosnell. YEP! She actually teaches a structure on how to do it! CRAZY!
This is a REALLY good interview!
Heather Havenwood

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Heather Havenwood
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Who is Denise Gosnell

DeniseĀ GosnellĀ is a serial entrepreneur, business strategist, productivity hacker, attorney, author, and real estate investor.Ā DeniseĀ owns 3 companies: a coaching/training company, a law firm, and a real estate company.Ā  Through her company, The Vacation Effect, Inc. (,Ā DeniseĀ helps busy entrepreneurs learn how to use some unconventional scheduling and growth strategies to grow their business even faster by working up to 40% less.

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