WHH64: Meet “Marketing Jedi” Martinez Founder MoneyForLunch.com

Bert Martinez

[spp-player url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/havenwood/WHH64_Meet_Marketing_Jedi_Bert_Martinez.mp3″] Hey Winners, Sometimes in my entrepreneurial life, I come across some crazy peeps! Bert is one of those! Fun, Wild, Crazy and Wicket Smart. Our interview got whacky, but as the founder of MoneyForLunch.com – I can promise you this interview is full of nuggets and strategies that you can execute. Enjoy! Be…

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WHH63: The TRUTH: the Highs and Lows of Entrepreneurship with James Miller | Lifeology

James Miller

[spp-player url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/havenwood/WHH62-The_TRUTH_the_Highs_and_Lows_of_Entrepreneurship_with_James_Miller-Lifeology.mp3″] Hi Winners, Entrepreneurship is not for the lazy or the weak. It is ever changing and moving and challenging. In this very fun and unique interview, I interview a dear friend and business associate James Miller | Lifeology. He is a HUGE success story and we talk canid about entrepreneurship and stepping out…

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WHH62: LADIES: STOP APOLOGIZING! Be an Unapologetic Powerhouse Woman! with Janet Zaretsky

Janet Zaretsky

[spp-player url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/havenwood/WHH63-LADIES_STOP_APOLOGIZING_Be_an_Unapologetic_Powerhouse_Woman_with_Janet_Zaretsky.mp3″] Hi Winners! Here is the thing, we as women, apologize for the smallest littlest thing. I heard a woman apologize for passing me in the bread isle. I saw a mom once, with a dog and two little toddlers, with her hands full for just being in the park. I asked her, ‘what…

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WHH61 – How to be an Online Magazine Contributor with Leonard Kim

Leonard Kim

[spp-player url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/havenwood/WH61-Leonard_Kim.mp3″] Hey Winners! I am a contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine, how did I get in? I interviewed Leonard Kim and learned how! LOL! Leonard is recognized as a top marketing influencer by Forbes, a top personal branding expert by Entrepreneur. He has figured out the path to get into online publications and be featured.…

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WHH60: Stacking the Deck In On Your Digital Presence! SEO for 2018, It is still ALIVE!

Phil Singleton

[spp-player url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/havenwood/WHH60_Stacking_the_Deck_In_On_Your_Digital_Presence_SEO_for_2018_It_is_still_ALIVE_with_Phil_Singleton.mp3″] Hi Winners! Look, SEO has not gone away. It is still here! If you are a online business, you must listen to this one. Lawyer? Chiropractor? Dentist? Realator? Coach? SEO is STILL a big deal! Phil Singleton is truly an expert at local SEO. Be You! Be REAL! Be a BOSS of your…

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WHH59: Leads, Leads, HOTT Sales Leads with Linkedin Marketing with Jimena Cortes

The Win and special guest Jimena Cortes

[spp-player url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/havenwood/WHH59_-_Leads_Leads_HOTT_Sales_Leads_with_Linkedin_Marketing_with_Jimena_Cortes.mp3″] Hi Winners! Any service based business needs leads to grow, expand and profit. In today’s world, the number one way to find and connect to high qualified leads is Linkedin. In this interview, I interview Jimena Cortes, who has built a service business for business owners, where she sets up their profiles and…

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WHH56: It Is Time For Chat Bots, Baby! with Peter Lisoskie

[spp-player url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/havenwood/WHH56_Peter_Lisoskie_The_Win_Heather_Havenwood.mp3″] Who is Peter Lisoskie? Lisoskie is a founding partner of third way technologies and Chat Bot Nation. Lisoskie helps companies to deploy chatbots for leads, sales, ecommerce, and customer service. Lisoskie runs a business incubator, hangs out with neuroscientists and has written a line of code or two if it brings a product…

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WHH55: How To Be A Well-Paid Copywriter In 2017 with Doberman Dan

[spp-player url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/havenwood/WHH55_Doberman_Dan_The_Win_Heather_Havenwood.mp3″] Who is Doberman Dan? Doberman Dan is a serial entrepreneur, a copywriter and a two-time best-selling author. He started many info-product businesses, and is heavily involved in the direct response marketing industry and has helped many people and companies achieve their financial goals for three decades. The man who has been a copywriter…

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WHH54: How To Buy Business and Real Estate in a QRP with Damion Lupo

[spp-player url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/havenwood/WHH54_Damion_Lupo_The_Win_Heather_Havenwood.mp3″] Who is Damion Lupo? Damion Lupo loves being an entrepreneur – starting more than 30 businesses. He created his own martial arts discipline and is a unique investor – explaining a term called QRP. Damion learned a lot from going through the 2008 mortgage brankruptcy losing $20 million. He faced the harsh truth…

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WHH53: How To Sell With A Story? with Paul Smith

[spp-player url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/havenwood/WHH53_Paul_Smith_The_Win_Heather_Havenwood.mp3″] Who is Paul Smith? Paul Smith is a bestselling author, a former corporate executive, and a story advocate. He has spoken in front of companies such as Hewlett Packard, Google and Bayer Medical among other company giants. The skill of storytelling is powerful to Paul. After 15 years of being in Procter &…

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