WHH55: How To Be A Well-Paid Copywriter In 2017 with Doberman Dan

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Who is Doberman Dan?

Doberman Dan is a serial entrepreneur, a copywriter and a two-time best-selling author. He started many info-product businesses, and is heavily involved in the direct response marketing industry and has helped many people and companies achieve their financial goals for three decades.

The man who has been a copywriter and an entrepreneur wanted to be a professional musician … and worked as a cop. It was working as a cop that Dan learned a valuable lesson in life.

“When you don't direct your life, your life gets directed by others.” – Doberman Dan

How Dan made the transition from police officer to copywriter

A big leap from being a police officer to an entrepreneur shaped Doberman Dan's future with the introduction to Amway. After a lot of failure, Dan dfound direct response marketing in the bodybuilding niche. He learned how to write copy for the industry to become successful. Dan's companies, driven by ‘kitchen table businesses', became a freelance writer in 2012 after a long road to get there.

“I overstep my bondaries all the time.” – Heather Havenwood

Is there an expiration date on copywriting?

Dan describes how the art of copywriting has not changed over time. Some have hurt their businesses in trying to write a different type of copy, but he describes how much inspiration is drawn from copywriting from days gone by. Some text has changed to fit more of a modern audience. However, human nature has not changed, Dan says. The name of copywriting, as Dan said, is either to avoid a pain or get a gain.

A tongue-in-cheek sense of humor with copywriting helps Dan with putting things in perspective.

“You can't be sane and be a good copywriter. Who in their right mind wants to sit in front of a computer writing all day?” – Doberman Dan

Doberman Dan Introduction (3:18)
One of the questions asked before joining a police department (11:30)
How Dan became a sucessful businessman (14:42)
When/how Heather and Dan met (17:57)
Finding the entrepreneurial balance … possibly (22:35)
The timeless quality of copywriting (25:15)
Companies Dan have recently sold (34:51)
How entrepreneurs should focus on their core competency (42:00)

Connect with Doberman Dan

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Doberman Dan's Bio

Doberman Dan helps entrepreneurs create extraordinary lives. He is a 30-year serial entrepreneur, direct response copywriter and two-time best-selling author. He has started several info product companies and four different nutritional supplement businesses.

Dan is regularly hired to write sales copy for some of the most successful direct response marketers and publishers in the world.
He was also recently hired by a $1 billion/year direct response company to help launch a brand new supplement division.
Dan has been publishing The Doberman Dan Letter since 2011 and has many of the most successful direct marketers in the world as subscribers.

To get any of Doberman Dan's books, check here: Doberman Dan – Author.