WHH26: The BUSINE$$ of Political Commentary with Jennifer Briney

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Who is Jennifer Briney?

Jennifer Briney is a political woman. No, I don't mean she's a politician. When she realized she couldn't trust the major media outlets to provide unbiased facts, she started doing her own research and found it more challenge than she imagined to easily access vital information.

As a result, she created the podcast she wanted to hear and for the past four years has been hosting the Congressional Dish podcast where she gets down to the truth behind what Congress does and doesn't do.

“From the minute I started asking why, every answer I got led to even more questions.” – Jennifer Briney

Political Analysts are Paid by Politicians?

Directly? No. Indirectly? Yes! If you turn on any major news outlet, especially during an election cycle, you're likely to see a bunch of “talking heads” screaming at each other.

“I am sick and tired of turning on the news and seeing people predict the future.” – Jennifer Briney

Jennifer informs us that what we don't see is the fact most of them have contracts with the networks. How do the networks get the money to pay for those contracts? Advertising. Who spends an incredible amount of money to run ads on these major networks? Politicians.

“That’s a corrupt medium. You shouldn’t be getting your news from the TV anymore.” – Jennifer Briney

Congress versus the President

It's easy to sit back and blame the President for all the things going wrong throughout the country (and sometimes the world). It's even easier when you don't truly understand how the government works. Jennifer breaks it down for us today and explains that, even though she once thought the same way, it's not really the President we should be angry with.

“It’s Congress that declares the war. It’s Congress that controls the money. It’s Congress that has the power.” – Jennifer Briney

Start Paying Attention

Jennifer gives us some insights into the scandalous parts of Congress including last minute government funding that allows terrifying bills to become law and the dangerous lame duck sessions during an election cycle.

When we don't pay attention, and let our opinions be heard in the form of our votes, our fundamental rights and our way of life can become endangered.

“One law can change things for every single one of us and it’s to our detriment that we don’t pay attention.” – Jennifer Briney

If you are short on time, here are the highlights of The BUSINE$$ of Political Commentary with Jennifer Briney:

How do Political Analysts Get Paid? (3:02)
What do Politicians Really Do Every Day? (5:28)
Why is Last Minute Government Funding Scandalous? (9:06)
How Heather's Uber Story is a Perfect Example of Why Voting Matters (16:07)
Why is the Electoral College an Unfair System? (23:28)
Why the Lame Duck Session is the Most Dangerous Time in an Election Cycle (39:44)

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Jennifer Briney's Bio

Jennifer Briney is the host of Congressional Dish, a twice monthly podcast exposing the secrets drowned out by the partisan noise in the United States Congress. By interpreting legislation, summarizing Congressional hearings, and following the money, Jennifer Briney analyzes the actions of Congress that are generally ignored by the corporate media, delivering the information from the perspective of a fed up taxpayer who bears no allegiance to any political party or ideology.