WHH56: It Is Time For Chat Bots, Baby! with Peter Lisoskie

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Who is Peter Lisoskie?

Lisoskie is a founding partner of third way technologies and Chat Bot Nation. Lisoskie helps companies to deploy chatbots for leads, sales, ecommerce, and customer service. Lisoskie runs a business incubator, hangs out with neuroscientists and has written a line of code or two if it brings a product to life.

Peter has charted chat bot progress for the past seven years and talks about the interest he has in merging marketing with technology. In talking about technology, Peter mentioned how important it is to stand out from the crowd.

“Category design … is about being different, not just better.” – Peter Lisoskie

What is Relationship Experience Technology?

The leader of Chat Bot Nation describes this term as creating an interactive experience. Peter modeled the chatbot after the TV show Survivor to create a game show challenge where people would take a beach challenge, hiking challenge, or fishing challenge.

Peter says that this particular type of technology is more interactive, animated and human than people would originally think. Peter says it's his personal mission ‘to kill email'.

“There is a point of this when (technology) disrupts our way of life … we don't like it.” – Heather Havenwood

Are we seeing the future of marketing today with chat bots?

In thinking about the past iconic marketing campaigns, both Heather and Peter set up how chat bots would have pushed those movements further. However, as Peter stresses, the service of chat bots are designed to simulate human conversation.

Peter mentions how chat bots could create an elevated experience in business, marketing and overall communication between people in terms of promotion.

“25 or 50 years from now – we're probably not gonna' have websites, we're not gonna' have phone apps. But we're still gonna' have human conversations, and we're still gonna' have human relationships.” – Peter Lisoskie

Peter Lisoskie Introduction (3:17)
What is ‘Chat Bot Nation?' (4:35)
The present/future of chat bots (7:09)
How people are using/abusing technology (12:34)
Have we entered into virtual reality marketing? (19:44)
How does Relationship Experience Technology work? (22:48)
Where people can talk with Peter about chat bots (30:50)

Connect with Peter Lisoskie

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Peter Lisoskie's Bio

Lisoskie's about innovation creation. He and his partners founded third way technologies and chatbotnation to launch a new business category he calls ‘Relationship Experience Technology' (RET). This technology fosters a more humanized and connected relationship experience between people and brands using chatbots, machine learning, and ai. Chatbots will soon replace traditional websites, search, and apps. They are poised to become one of the most vital extensions of your brand experience with your company. Think of what Mickey Mouse is to Disney and you can create that same experience with RET for your own brand. *third way helps companies integrate RET and Conversational User Interface (CUI) standards into their chatbots. Chatbot Nation designs a suite of chatbots sites with characteristics, rhythms, and personalities designed to cater to specific industries. We work with our clients to customize the personality of the chatbot to articulate the essence of their brand that engages and delights their customers.

To reach Peter for a consultation, go to Chat Bot Nation for further information.

Here is an example of a chat bot:

To get any of Peter's books, click here: Peter Lisoskie – Author.