From Bar Owner to Analytic Tour Guide with Texas Aggie Chris Mercer

Chris Mercer and Heather Havenwood: From Bar Owner to Analytic Tour Guide with Texas Aggie

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Chris Mercer

The Level of thinking that brought you to where you are now is not going to take you where you want to go – you have to CHANGE your view of Life. Stop thinking about building a business, START building assets! Listen to this Chris Mercer to start changing your mindset. Level UP Your Thinking.

“As an entrepreneur, you have to have an element of ego to stand the rejection you will face.” Chris Mercer

What the Heck does Chris Do?

Chris is an analytics and conversions expert. In layman's terms, Chris goes into his clients' websites and sets up tracking. This allows him to see what pages are being viewed, what buttons are being clicked, opt-in rates and other fun stuff.

Once Chris Mercer has all of your analytics and measurements, who is going from page one to page two, it's time to optimize. If you currently have a 30% conversion rate, how do you improve to 40%?

Google vs. Apple

Gathering information and knowing what to do with it are polar opposites. Google has lots of great tools but there isn't a friendly interface connected with them. If Google Analytics were created by Apple, you would know exactly what to do.

Instead, you have a bunch of analytics that might look might look a bit like Chinese to most.  To leverage the power of that information, you must be able to make sense of it. That's what Chris does.

“Chris Mercer, The Analytics Tour Guide.” – Chris Mercer

Growing Up

Chris's parents spanned the career path spectrum. Chris's dad was the typical corporate America man. He wanted Chris to go to college, get a job and stick with it for the rest of his life.

“As an entrepreneur you work any half day you want. You pick any 12 hours of the day you want.” – Chris Mercer

His mom, on the other hand, was a serial entrepreneur. She sold vacuum cleaners door to door, started cleaning companies and other ventures. She was always willing to try something new.

Chris like both aspects. He liked the structure of corporate America. He also loved the idea you can create your own systems as an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is Chris's arena, he loves it.

“There is no job security, the security is me, I make it.” – Chris Mercer

To hear the rest of Chris's story, download and listen to the entire Chris Mercer interview.

If you are short on time here are the highlights of Chris Mercer:

Who is Chris Mercer? (2:55 Mark)
He did WHAT to relax? (10:19 Mark)
Be the business owner and not the technician (22:05 Mark)
How can you become a Rockefeller? (28:39 Mark)
What tips does Chris have to Win as an entrepreneur? (42:10

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Chris's Bio

Chris Mercer, who typically goes by “Mercer”, is the co-owner of Seriously Simple Marketing. He's a highly sought-after analytics & conversions expert that specializes in helping top digital marketers track, split-test, and optimize their existing sales funnels to improve bottom-line revenue.