RAWHH14: Counterintuitive Entrepreneurship Guide to Sanity During Massive Growth

RAWHH14 Counterintuitive The Win Heather Havenwood

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Hi Winners,

Today, I am sharing a challenge that is coming up with my coaching clients; managing massive success and momentum in their business.

The automatic intuitive response is to pull the brakes when things start feeling out of control. What I say is add more to you plate – push harder on the gas. We as humans only expand when we add to our load, and add things to manage, not delete.

However, our automatic internal response is to put on the brakes during times of speed and momentum.

In this episode, I coach you how to upgrade your game of managing.

Learn how to move toward the ‘Mission Control’ Strategy where you make choices and decisions based on incoming data.

This is a great show! Get ready for a fun ride.

Heather Havenwood
The Win