WHH58: Text me that! The Death of Email with Jim Koch

WHH58: Text me that! The Death of Email with Jim Koch

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Hi Winners,

Look, the days of go to WWW.blahblah dot COM…. are OVER!

The days of TEXT ‘Heather' to 72000 to get your FREE Gift are HERE!

We are a texting society. 3 year olds text. 80 year olds text.


So why are you forcing your clients and buyers and subscribers to email you?

I interviewed Jim Koch, VP of Marketing of Mobit.com


Listen in to the fun!
Heather Havenwood

Jim Koch

Jim Koch is the Senior Vice President and early investor in MOBIT, a marketing automation company based in Phoenix, Arizona. He is also the Co-Founder of the inbound marketing agency, The Patagon Group.

“Automation is key for any business.” – Jim Koch

For more than 25 years now, he's worked with small internet startups as well as big companies around the world. Tune in and learn how you can grow your business on mobile via automated funnels!

Eyes on the Mode of Communication

Jim has been doing marketing automation for many years already. He saw how the problems in automated campaigns all went back to the mode of communication.

“You can be sophisticated but if all that you are doing is sending emails and no one's checking emails, there's a problem.” – Jim Koch

To address the issue, they built their own platform. They believe that if they can reach people through the channel they use the most, they can focus their attention on it.

The Difference with Mobile Marketing

Jim shared that people have about 3 to 4 email accounts on average. But the open and click through rates aren't high.

“SMS is by far the most engaging channel on the planet. In fact, according to Apple, 50% of all usage in the iPhone is SMS.” – Jim Koch

Mobile marketing is NOT text marketing. The two are different. Mobile marketing means having your marketing endeavors automated for mobile and it includes text, mobile landing pages, and automation.

To hear how to market to people on their smartphones, download and listen to Text me that! The Death of Email with Jim Koch.

Links for Text me that! The Death of Email with Jim Koch:

  • Mobit.com
  • Customer's mobile phone: +1 (623) 521-5840

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