Hiring the Ultimate Virtual Assistant with Shannon Miles

Hiring the Ultimate Virtual Assistant with Shannon Miles

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Hiring the Ultimate Virtual Assistant with Shannon Miles

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We are all busy and could use a little help. In this interview, I ask Shannon Miles the owner of a Virtual Assistant Placement Service: BelaySolutions.com – every question one could think of. What is the cost? What type of tasks does a Virtual Assistant do? Are the assistants US based? And what type of tasks do VA’s do? As business owners, entrepreneurs, and career professionals we all could use a little help.

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Heather Havenwood
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Who is Shannon Miles?

Shannon Miles is the CEO of BELAY, Inc. an INC 500 Fastest Growing Company and winner of CultureIQ and Entrepreneurs #1 Company Culture awards. Since 2010, the company has grown to 600+ team members and serves nearly 1,200 clients on a daily basis. This year, she released her book The Third Option: Why a Woman Doesn't Have to Choose Between a Career and Family, but Can Actually Have Both and Succeed. Whether through team development or Balance Mentoring, Shannon is passionate about serving others and inspiring them to live life more fully, while firmly remaining her own worst critic. While on Necker Island with Richard Branson, she learned that if your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough. Shannon loves yoga and spending time with her family, whether that's on the front porch of their home in Georgia, on the beach in the Panhandle of Florida, or snowboarding in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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