How Building a Man’s Only Mastermind Changed this Investors World and Others with Pat Hiban

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How Building a Man’s Only Mastermind Changed this Investors World and Others with Pat Hiban

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Today's guest is Pat Hiban (HY-ban), co-founder of GoBundance, author of Tribe of Millionaires, successful real estate investor, and podcast host. Pat co-founded GoBundance in an effort to build a quality peer-group of other successful men who could hold one another accountable to their own high standards, who chose to live life at-the-peak. Since its official founding in 2013, the GoBundance tribe has grown to nearly 200 members who connect at seasonal Tribal Gatherings and annual International Bucket List Trips. Pat is here today to share some of the most Epic Adventures he's had with his tribe of GoBros, and the lessons he's learned along the way.
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Who is Pat Hiban

Pat Hiban Interviews Real Estate Rockstars is a top-ranked, 3-day a week real estate podcast, hosted by billion-dollar agent Pat Hiban, interviewing the best of the best in and around the real estate industry.

After building a team of over 50 members and making millions in the Real Estate Sales World, Pat realized he had spent over two decades being lead by mentors while growing very few mentees. It was at this point that he wrote his New York Times Best Selling Book -“6 steps to 7 figures, A Real Estate Professional’s Guide Building Wealth and Creating your Destiny.” Not too long after, Pat Hiban Interviews Real Estate Rockstars was born. Here you’ll find the best voices in the Real Estate Industry including everyone from the world’s top agents to the world’s newest top producing rookies. You’ll hear from the industries top coaches and the ones who have made millions and even billions investing in the Real Estate game.

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