How to Start a Paid Facebook Group from Scratch with Jennifer Allwood

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How to Start a Paid Facebook Group from Scratch with Jennifer Allwood

Hey Influencers!
Have you ever really wanted to start a paid membership group? Me Too!
So I interviewed a badass woman who is doing that exact thing…
Join me in a very fun and exclusive interview, on how to start and group a paid membership group from scratch!
Heather Havenwood

Like A Boss!
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Heather Havenwood
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Who is Jennifer Allwood

A mom, a wife and a creative person in Kansas City, Missouri who has completely transitioned her decorative painting business to the online space in the last 4 years.

The “ah ha” moment 4 years ago when her painting company, The Magic Brush, was working in a client’s home.  It became very obvious that the only way to could make more money was to paint more.

She decided to transition to the online space where she could serve clients ANYWHERE…. not just in the Kansas City area.

Jennifer worked strategically on building a social media platform where now has over half of a million followers and grew quickly to a 6 figure business.  Other creatives took notice of what was happening in her business and began asking for advice and strategy and to coach them.

Jennifer Allwood's passion is– encouraging women to do the hard things, encouraging them to walk in the God-given talents they have and to live out the destiny that they have been called to.

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