How to Tap Into Your Own Spiritual Power! with Kathleen Hanagan

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How to Tap Into Your Own Spiritual Power! with Kathleen Hanagan

Hi Boss!
You are a Boss! You are a Spiritual Being. Being a Boss is being willing to have EXTREME RESPONSIBILITY in all areas of your life including, Spiritual!
Kathleen is a very powerful woman, who has been named a ‘Modern Mystic’. Like a Woman, your Intuition is your greatest gift in life. Learn to be open to learning how to listen to your intuition and integrate it with logic!
This is a great interview! Enjoy!
Be You! Be REAL! Be a Boss!
Heather Havenwood
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Who is Kathleen Hanagan

Kathleen Hanagan is a psychotherapist, modern mystic, and author, whose work integrates the wisdom of the great spiritual traditions with scientific knowledge, 30 years working intimately with individuals, couples, groups, and her own quest for liberation. Kathleen's compassion, humor, and candor have helped thousands discover the deeper meaning in their challenges, and access the courage and wisdom to transform their lives, which changes the world. Her book, Loveseed: The Template For Birthing A New World, is a map for personal and global awakening that ends the trance of fear and shows the way to a world based on love and truth.

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