Jessica Rhodes PR vs Podcasting – Which Wins the Battle?

Jessica Rhodes The Win Podcast with Heather Havenwood

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The Rules of Podcasting

In this SPECIAL episode, I interview the woman who got me into podcasting and show creation. Jessica Rhodes, CEO of Interview Connections. In this fun show, you will feel like you are in the “Green Room” listening to the REAL issues / challenges podcasters and guests of podcasts deal with. Jessica shares ‘The Rules of Podcasting” and “What the Future of Podcasting” is. How a stay at home new mother – went from virtual assistant to a creating a scalable business. IF you are an expert in your field and want more promotion for your business, Jessica Rhodes PR vs Podcasting – Which Wins the Battle? is a must listen.

“Podcasts help people get to know you personally.” – Jessica Rhodes

Traditional PR

Jessica says what publicists don't realize is the importance of the length of answers. Traditionally, they advise their clients to give a short answer. Podcasts are a different animal. You might have 3 or 4 questions and the entire 30-minute show is the banter based on those questions.

There are different interview styles for all types of media whether it be print, radio, tv or podcast. For podcasters, it's a conversation. You're hanging out and having coffee. It's has a nice relaxed flow like talking with a friend.

TV interviews are the opposite, you're on a strict time schedule and the interviewer fires questions at you. Bam bam bam. You don't get as much of the host and guests' personality in this format like you do with podcasting.

“This medium is very powerful if you are willing to play by the rules…” – Jessica Rhodes

Training to Podcast

There is a fine line. When you are working with people and trying to get them exposure, the type that put themselves out there are pretty sure about themselves and likely have a good ego to go with it. They don't like to be told to do something different. But Jessica is obligated to help her clients. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable but it needs to be done for their success.

To hear more of Jessica's secrets for successful podcasting, download and listen to the entire Jessica Rhodes interview.

If you are short on time here are the highlights of Jessica Rhodes:

What publicists don't understand (5:10 Mark)
What is procasting? (8:04 Mark)
Guests that are ready to rock (25:35 Mark)
Podcasting style trends (36:55 Mark)

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Jessica Rhodes is the founder and CEO of Interview Connections, the premier source for booking outstanding podcast guests. Jessica is the host of the hit weekly web TV show, Interview Connections TV, she's the host of the Rhodes to Success podcast and she is the co-host of The Podcast Producers, an audio series selected by Apple as a How to Podcast show in iTunes. Jessica is a regular speaker at Dream Business Academy and has shared the stage with dozens of top podcasters at Podcast Movement and Podcast New England. She is married and is the proud mom to a very busy toddler named Nathan, and baby Lucy.