How Copywriting made me a success and allowed me to sell millions of sunglasses on infomercials- Joe Sugarman

The Win with Heather Havenwoods and Joe Sugarman

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Joe previously had done 20 seminars, but just got tired of them and decided to write a book to share what he had taught and learned. “The book was like a thousand pages. I mean it was huge; I realized I had three books.” His books covered copywriting, direct marketing and TV marketing. Some of Joe’s success stories include former United States Vice-President Al Gore and Jack Canfield, co-author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul.”

His most recent book, “The Seven Forces of Success” is based on a book he wrote previously covering success principles. “I decided I would revise it because a lot has happened in 32 years. I learned a lot.” In the book, not only does Joe talk about the secrets of becoming successful, he also discusses some of the things that can drive you towards failure. “If you can understand and work with (success and failure), you’re going to do very well” He says that he has failed more than most people, and that’s why he’s successful.

Joe believes that honestly is an important trait for all entrepreneurs to have. “It’s amazing how your customer just knows if you’re being honest” In business, if you sense that someone is being dishonest with you, he says that you shouldn’t deal with that person. Sometimes you realize early on through intuition, but often, you’ll only find out later about the dishonesty.

Joe says that having negative people he encountered in his life has actually enhanced it, and prepared him for the success he would achieve. Another philosophy that Joe lives by is that he never gets attached to any outcome. “The most important thing is that you learn from the experience and grow. There are a lot of benefits from getting through those tough times.” He attributes much of his success to never giving up, and having a strong sense of belief that things will work out for the best.

Joe stays in great shape and works out every other day, which he feels contributes to a long life. He helped Heather have confidence in herself on her journey, and she says that everybody needs confidence. “Failure is a part of entrepreneurship. You are the one that taught me that.” One day driving down the highway with the sun in his eyes, a friend gave him a pair of sunglasses to help with his vision. The glasses were originally designed for NASA to block ultraviolet and blue light. He thought he could develop his own glasses, Blublocker Sunglasses (see “INTERVIEW LINKS”), using the proper technology and at a less expensive price point. He ran an ad, writing a story about how he discovered the product.

The response from customers was amazing, and without hesitation he took the same ad and ran it in every magazine he could get his hands on. The result was sales of 100,000 pairs over the first six months.
When President Reagan decommissioned TV time, Joe was able to advertise the product using half-hour infomercials. In one month of doing this, he sold another 100,000 pairs and in 6 years, total sales amounted to 20 million pairs of glasses.

“You never know. You keep going in a certain direction and sometimes something comes up and it takes you 90 degrees from where you thought you would be going.” Joe says his book “Triggers”, which is one Heather recommends, is a book that will serve the ready for many years to come.

He believes that consistency is an important trait for a business to have, and he notes that there is a certain pattern that consumers follow when purchasing products and services. People love stories, and Joe realized it could be a very valuable asset to be able to effectively tell them. He use to invent stories to tell his three younger sisters and continued to do so in the business world. “You become an expert in everything you could possibly learn about that subject”

Joe says that his definition of happiness is reaching one goal and having a second one ready to go for. “I always had something to go for, improving myself”