Master Sales Trainer Reveals Trump’s Game Plan – Eric Lofholm

Master Sales Trainer Reveals Trump's Game Plan - Eric Lofholm

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Master Sales Trainer Reveals Trump's Game Plan – Eric Lofholm

Hey Winners! In this episode, Master Sales Trainer Eric Lofholm and I go deep into sales – and breakdown Donald's Trump strategy.  We also discuss how to use prewritten sales scripts to leverage Master Sales Trainer Reveals Trump's Game Plan - Eric Lofholmand double revenue in any business. Sales – a NASTY word in entrepreneurship – is actually a historic, time tested, proven, methodology.  If you are going to be a WINNER in entrepreneurship – you have to know sales! Therefore, learn how you can win at sales as the Master Sales Trainer Reveals Trump's Game Plan – Eric Lofholm discusses his strategies and tips for success.

Sales Script Systems

It's predictable that anyone who listens to this podcast can increase their close ratio due to layering persuasion into their presentation. As a result, you don't have to be born naturally persuasive to succeed. Anyone can master it once they learn it because human beings respond in predictable ways. Also as soon as you figure what probing questions to ask, a way of telling a story and a way of closing you can do this over and over and consequently get the predictable results you want.

Improve your persuasion through proper preparation and techniques.

Success Like Sales is Predictable

While it's important you use a script, it doesn't have to be prepared in advance, written down or practiced. A script means you are talking and making sense. Yet you must prepare and craft your presentation; therefore, increasing the likelihood your script will give you the outcome you want.

Selling is about leading people to action.

Selling is a very intentional style of communication and as a result, anyone can learn to predictably get better. Therefore, if you are persuasive in your script, you will get your message out to the world, sell your product and promote your business. Success in business like success in sales is all very predictable.

Personal confidence creates an x-factor in your presentation.

In order to hear the rest of Eric's strategies and tips for succeeding at sales, download and listen to Master Sales Trainer Reveals Trump's Game Plan – Eric Lofholm.

If you are short on time here are the highlights of Master Sales Trainer Reveals Trump's Game Plan – Eric Lofholm:

What is a script? (5:50 Mark)
Is Donald's platform like a sales script? (10:05 Mark)
How can you increase your power of persuasion? (12:35 Mark)
The first step (20:10 Mark)
How to get a free sales assessment and coaching session  (40:43 Mark)

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The Master Salesman Eric Lofholm's Bio

Eric Lofholm is a master sales trainer who has helped over 10,000 students become successful and make more sales. Trained by bestselling sales expert Dr. Donald Moine, Eric has helped generate nearly $500 million in revenue in the last two decades. He honed his skills as a trainer for Tony Robbins from 1997 to 1999 before founding his own company, Eric Lofholm International. Eric is a naturally gifted teacher. For over 18 years, Eric has been sharing his proven sales increasing ideas with people all over the world and offers expert training for both corporate sales departments and for individuals who want to improve their sales skills.

Eric has trained people from over 500 different companies including:

Aflac, Century 21, Prudential, Morgan Stanley, World Financial Group, Sebastiani Vineyards and Hilton just to name a few.

Eric is the author of 9 books and the Amazon Best Seller, The System.