RAWHH10: Mentorship: The GREATEST Gift

RAW Heather Havenwood The Win 2017 Mentorship

Hey Winners!

This is Heather coming to you today in the RAW – a SOLO episode – sharing the story of how ‘Sexy Boss’ came to be and one of my most prized ‘possessions’ in life … My Mentorship Relationship with Joe Sugarman.

I share today a story out of the book ‘The Seven Forces of Success’ published 2014 edition. I share the #1 skill set all entrepreneurs should have. I share the when and where of when Joe ‘downloaded’ the name ‘Sexy Boss’ over a spinach salad. I share my heart in this episode and gratitude for a man that changed my life.

Be You! Be REAL! Be the Boss of your Life!
Heather Havenwood