WHH57: How to Work and Keep with Millennials in the Workplace with Pamella Horton

WHH57: How to Work and Keep with Millennials in the Workplace with Pamella Horton

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Pamella Horton

Do you have millennials in the workplace, and they do not make sense to you? How do you train them and KEEP them from leaving? Tune in as Heather talks about this with Pamella Horton.

“We consult with companies and their staff to help them build happier, safer, and more productive workplace environments.” – Pamella Horton

Pamella is the CEO and co-founder of Maven's Connections. They customize and offer Enhancement, Wellness, and Mindset Benefit Resources for employers and their employees. She also created the Access Freedom™ Method to help people live life to the fullest.

Forming New Habits for Success

They at Maven's Connections (MC) have seen how people exhaust themselves and create unhealthy decisions. These decisions also provide a severe impact on the workplace.

“First, we create new habits and our habits make us.” – Pamella Horton

According to Pamella, people may try to follow specific guides to improve. But still, they can have a hard time sticking to them.

MC helps individuals and organizations discover their underlying beliefs first. They work on the mindset and help them successfully create new habits.

Addressing the Core Challenges

Maven's Connections works with companies of 40 or more employees and has both digital and live programs prepared for them. They also host virtual health fairs.

“A lot of employees who want to climb up the corporate ladder but they get in their own way through self-sabotage and self-fulfilling processes.” – Pamella Horton

There are other components to focus apart from physical wellbeing. Pamella shares that there are also financial, spiritual, mental, and emotional needs to address.

To hear how you can build a more productive workplace, download and listen to How to Work and Keep Millennials in the Workplace.

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