WHH54: How To Buy Business and Real Estate in a QRP with Damion Lupo

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Who is Damion Lupo?

Damion Lupo loves being an entrepreneur – starting more than 30 businesses. He created his own martial arts discipline and is a unique investor – explaining a term called QRP.

Damion learned a lot from going through the 2008 mortgage brankruptcy losing $20 million. He faced the harsh truth of being negatively affected by the reality and had this one revelation.

“You can't fix anything 'cause you have to start with yourself.” – Damion Liupo

What's Damion's entrepreneurial philosophy?

People are normally afraid to make mistakes. They, more than likely, avoid pain. Damion digs into root belief systems to unearth the best potential to make the most out of investments and the entreprenuerial way of life. He tries to break the mindset of bondage freeing up people to grow and be more responsible with their own money. In explaining the acronym QRP, Damion encourages people being their own banker.

“Entrepreneurship … is a journey. I don't think it's a destination.” – Heather Havenwood

How can you have a different mindset with investments?

Damion believes that a person has to be around the ‘language of money'. It is possible for someone to change the people who are around them, and then study the art of money. He offers that the shortcut to ‘success' – or avoiding a ton of failure – is to hire a mentor. Track who has been through the murky waters of entrepreneurship and investment, he surmises, and learn from that person.

“If (entrepreneurship) was boiled down to one word, it would be mastery.” – Damion Lupo

Who is Damion Lupo? (2:43)
The hard lessons learned from the 2008 bankruptcy (4:03)
Damion's philosophy on being a successful entrepreneur (13:43)
What is a QRP? (17:24)
The unique aspect of Damion's company (26:53)
The anatomy of a typical banker (32:19)
‘Pay to play' (38:03)

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Damion Lupo's Bio

An entrepreneur at heart, Damion Lupo start his first business at age 11. He started 30 more business since then. Founder of his own martial arts discipline, Yokido ™, and holder of three other black belts, Damion paid for his first rental house with a Visa. He subsequently bought 150 houses in states states over the five-year span before going through a $20 million meltdown in 2008.

Today he runs an Austin based firm, FinTech – dedicated to disrupting Wall Street by getting people off The Stock Market Rollercoaster and in control of their money and financial future.

Damion has written five books with two more being released in 2017.  Damion's books can be found here: Damion Lupo – Author.