WHH52: Sexy Boss Body over 45! with Linda M. Stephens

WHH52 Linda M. Stephens The Win Heather Havenwood

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Who is Linda M. Stephens?

Linda M. Stephens is a former Wall Street worker turned IFBB Pro Figure Competitor with a Masters in Nutrition. She is my personal fitness and nutrition coach and she is helping me prepare for my first appearance on a fitness stage in a long, long time.

Linda often gets asked why she competes at a professional level and to this question she has very simple but powerful response …

“I compete for myself.” – Linda M. Stephens

How Figure Competitions Help Linda's Business

You might see a direct correlation as to how figure competitions can help with a business but, for Linda, it's directly connected since a lot of her clients are also fitness competitors.

However, in a much broader sense, I firmly believe taking care of your body will carry over into the other areas of your life and help you to be a better person and entrepreneur.

“As an entrepreneur, how you are with your body and how you are with your business is very similar.” – Heather Havenwood

Linda's Experience Working on Wall Street

Linda spent over a decade in the hustle and bustle that is Wall Street. While she says she would never work on Wall Street again, she is very thankful for her time there and how the experience has carried over into being an entrepreneur.

“In order to survive in the financial world, you have to have a confidence about you.” – Linda M. Stephens

If you are short on time, here are the highlights of Sexy Boss Body over 45! with Linda M. Stephens:

Who is Linda M. Stephens? (2:39)
How Linda Became a Professional Fitness Competitor (3:32)
How Figure Competitions Help Linda's Business (5:27)
Linda’s Experience Working on Wall Street (9:07)
How Women Have Changed in the Fitness Industry (11:17)
The Different Levels of Fitness Competitions for Women (23:02)

Connect with Linda M. Stephens

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Linda M. Stephens' Bio

Linda Stephens is an IFBB Figure Pro, a competition prep coach, personal trainer and holds a masters degree in nutrition. Linda also writes and blogs for Muscle & Fitness Hers, Oxygen, and Strong Magazines. She also does motivational speaking on health, wellness, nutrition and women's empowerment.

Linda completed her first 2015 IFBB Pro season with an 8th place finish at the IFBB Wings of Strength Tampa Pro. The New York Pro kicked off her 2016 pro season with a 15th place finish out of 40. She also competed last summer at the IFBB Lenda Murray Pro on July 16th in Norfolk, VA and the IFBB Florida Victory Pro on November 5th, 2016 to wrap up her second pro season. Her 2017 pro season will kick off with the IFBB NY Pro on May 20th.

Linda is a full-time mom of two children and resides in Fairfield County.