Staying Healthy in a Toxic World by an Natural Bodybuilding Champion – Wade Lightheart

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Hi Winners,
What is the difference between cosmetic fitness and being healthy? True health. What is it?
I have had to learn how to be healthy from the inside out, not just from the outside.  As a body builder myself, I have seen that there is a line between ‘looking good’ and ‘cosmetic fitness’. 
In this EXCLUSIVE and in-depth interview with Wade Lightheart, CEO of BioOptimizers, he shares a very personal behind the scenes of how body building and ‘outside’ fitness does not necessarily mean internal health.  He found out through his own journey that most health issues come from one place, the digestive system. And the entire digestive system is governed by enzymes and bacteria, even if probiotics are present, bad bacteria can get in kick ass.   If you or someone you know is suffering from bloating, gas, stomach issues or constipation, you will want to share this interview. 
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Be You! Be Real! Be the Boss of Your Health!
Heather Havenwood

Wade Lightheart

Wade T. Lightheart, host of the AWESOME Health Podcast, is a 3-time All Natural National Bodybuilding Champion, advisor to the American Anti-Cancer Institute and Director of Education at BiOptimizers Nutrition, one of the world’s most innovative nutritisucial supplement companies. He is also the author of several books including the best-selling books, “Staying Alive in a Toxic World ” and “The Wealthy Backpacker .” The AWESOME Health Podcast is a big part of his mission to help others fix their  digestion and transform their health with the daily practice of positive principles, rituals and optimizers.