RAWHH04: Story Telling. How to Tell YOUR Story to Capture Any Audience

Story Telling The Win Heather Havenwood

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Hi Winners!

I am RAW! In this weeks solo show, I tell you all 6 stages of every script, plot, movie that was ever successful. We as human beings have not changed. We love to hear, share and relate to stories. That is why biblical stories are still shared. That is because we can relate to the human challenges people have over the centuries. The tools may have changed, but we as humans have not.

In this unique solo show, I share with you my ‘Hero’s Journey’ story and the exact 6-stage structure so you can begin to share your story to your clients, audience, and customers so they're engaged, they remember you, and they are attracted to you to buy!

To Your Success!

Be You! Be REAL! Be the BOSS of your LIFE!
Heather Havenwood