WHH44: The Darkest Hour is Before Dawn … From a Tech Gal to a Gift Biz Woman with Pratima Aravabhoomi

Pratima Aravabhoomi Heather Havenwood The Win 2017

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Who is Pratima Aravabhoomi?

Pratima has a background in IT and has worked for companies like Apple, AT&T, and Verizon. She eventually found herself feeling unfulfilled in the corporate world and set out to use her education in both the tech field and design in the form of starting her own business; Craft Street Design.

Pratima does something that most entrepreneurs these days don't … research. She didn't just have an idea to start a business around a passion and jump in without thinking. She's still constantly using data and market research to determine where her business will go next and every entrepreneur can absolutely learn from her.

“In a simple concept like this one, it could go in ten thousand directions.” – Pratima Aravabhoomi

The Quote That Saved Pratima's Life and Inspired a Business

Pratima was experiencing a very low point in her life, and her marriage, and was on the edge of committing suicide when she saw a quote that helped her realize she could change her entire life.

After making those incredible changes, and deciding she wanted to make another one by starting her own business, she knew immediately the quote that saved her life needed to be a part of this new business.

“Before the breakthrough, there’s a breakdown.” – Heather Havenwood

How Heather's Subconsciousness Created a Bankruptcy

One of the things that made talking to Pratima so enjoyable was the fact we're on the same page when it comes to the role our subconsciousness plays in manifesting things in our life and business.

“From very simple things to what you want to achieve, is influenced very much by your subconscious.” – Pratima Aravabhoomi

If you are short on time, here are the highlights of The Darkest Hour is Before Dawn … From a Tech Gal to a Gift Biz Woman with Pratima Aravabhoomi:

Who is Pratima Aravabhoomi? (2:17)
The Quote That Saved Pratima’s Life and Inspired a Business (5:24)
The First Steps Pratima Took In Her Business (6:47)
How Heather’s Subconsciousness Created a Bankruptcy (16:45)
When Pratima Realized She Was Actually In The Gift Business (22:21)
The Tech Side of Pratima’s Business (30:02)

Connect with Pratima Aravabhoomi

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Pratima Aravabhoomi's Bio

Pratima Aravabhoomi is the designer, founder, and CEO of Craft Street Design. They design inspirational quotes into minimalistic, modern, giclee prints. A combination of design expertise, coupled with extensive research into words that effectively empower people, enable them to provide not just a beautiful but a meaningful way to decorate your home, office, or nursery. You can check out all prints at CraftStreetDesign.com.