The Dignity Zone: Bringing Dignity back into MEDIA – One Conversation at a time with Esther Weinberg

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Hi Winners,
Have you ever left a job after not feeling valued, or feeling like your boss or peers did not support you or mentor you into the success you know you are capable of? Meet Esther Weinberg, the Powerhouse Game Changer. The Executive Coach, who is brought into large and BIG name Media companies, Neflix, Warner and others, to work with teams, leaders, and executives.  The Goal is to bring Dignity back into mentorship, leadership and personal power.
In this interview, Esther lays out the 5 Steps on How to Have Tough Conversations with your boss, your team member or anyone.
As the founder of Mindlight Group, she is consistently coaching and consulting leaders to be leaders, one conversation at a time.
Be You!  Be Real! Be the Boss of Your Life
Heather Havenwood

Esther Weinberg

Esther Weinberg is a leader in redefining organizational culture by focusing on power and leadership through dignity. Esther—the founder of MindLight Group—and her team help mid-to
large-sized media companies and their employees (especially their executive leadership teams) find, implement, and mentor dignity, leadership, and personal power in the workplace.
Esther is a powerhouse game changer who has successfully transformed organizations (particularly large media companies), executive leaders, and teams for over 20 years. From a Disney executive to an expert in organizational leadership development, Esther’s unique training and mentorship ability taps into the pulse of the current challenges today’s media, publishing and tech companies are facing internally. Esther’s personal mission is to bring dignity and mentorship back into the workforce on a worldwide scale. Personal power through dignity. Leadership with dignity. Bringing dignity back into business, one conversation at a time.