The HARD Truth: from the mouth of a REAL Female Comedian – Elaine Williams

The HARD Truth: from the mouth of a REAL Female Comedian - Elaine Williams

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Hi Winners,
As many of you know I have been taking a 6 week class on learning Stand Up-Comedy.  WHY? Well, Because is SCARES ME! So, I reached out to my network to see if I could interview a female comedian.  I wanted to learn how they got started, WHY did they get started, and what were some of the SECRETS of Comedy!  Elaine Williams was amazing in this interview, she opened up her heart and just SHARED her personal story and how she now uses comedy to talk about dark and sometimes emotional subjects to help college kids and her students.
This is truly one of my favorite episodes for the year!  So many life lessons in stepping out into the SPOTLIGHT and being WILLING to get REJECTED!
Be You! Be Real! Be the Boss of YOUR LIFE!
Heather Havenwood

Elaine Williams

Elaine is an award winning stand up comedian and speaker whos appeared on Saturday Night Live, Americas Got Talent, HBO, ABC, NBC, FOX TV. Shes shared the stage with Amy Schumer, opened for Dane Cook, been featured in The New York Times and on Hay House Radio; and is a blogger for the Huffington Post. Elaine combines her coaching certifications from the late Debbie Ford (NY Times best selling author) and JFK University with her 30 plus years of performing in theatre, film, tv, voiceover, radio, and stand up comedy to transform her clients into Captivating Speakers. Elaine continues to perform stand up comedy in the NYC area, and she speaks on college campuses across the US. Recent colleges include: Kent State, Notre Dame, UT Austin, SUNY Empire State, and U of Wisconsin, Green Bay. Her TV pilot, Room for Improvement, about her life as a landlord, comic and speaker, was a finalist with Lifetime TV and A & E in the NY TV Festival; and Elaine was voted the top Up and Coming Comic in the NY Underground Comedy Festival. Only 7 % of communication is with actual words, the rest of it is body language, energy and tone. Elaines an engaging and captivating, master story teller and trainer because of her years on the stage and screen.
Book: You Can’t Make This Shit Up