Tipping the Old Agency Model On its HEAD with Derek Champagne!

Tipping the Old Agency Model On its HEAD! with Derek Champagne

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Tipping the Old Agency Model On its HEAD with Derek Champagne!

In this very cool interview with Derek Champagne, we talk Agency shop talk!

The Marketing Agency Business is DEAD! We discuss how he has flipped the old model on to its head, first losing a 6 figure business client, then recovered with a NEW Strategy Model.  If you are in the Agency Business, you will be able to relate. This is a Keeper!

Be You! Be Real! Be the BOSS of Your BUSINESS BABE!

Heather Havenwood

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Who is Derek Champagne?

Derek Champagne started out as a musician, then developed a music business, and then branched out to create the Anti-Agency.  In the changing landscape of marketing, he's realized that you can't try to be all things to all people.  With the power of focus and niching down, he's been able to work with top brands and achieve incredible results for them.

“Know your customer as well as you know your significant other… get to know them and understand them.”  – Derek Champagne

Switching the Playbook

Derek and his team transitioned from a business model where they wanted the client to renew and were upset if they didn't, to a model where they create a program that graduates the client out of receiving their top tier service.  The difference? Most of their clients now request to stay on retainer because they loved having his team on board.

“We make ourselves the CMO’s BFF to create synergy and not have to be in competition with them.”  – Derek Champagne 

The Zone of Genius

When Derek's team stays in their zone of genius, they are most effective.  They then are able to put the teams that they work with at ease, deliver massive results, and make them look like the hero of the work being executed smoothly.

“Our job is to help you keep making first downs” – Derek Champagne

Connect with Derek Champagne

Derek Champagne's Website

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Derek Champagne's Bio

Derek Champagne is a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience developing effective marketing campaigns. Derek shares his story of growing up from humble beginnings, on stage at age of 3, his years as a Hollywood musician, and his diverse journey to get where he is today. He is the Founder & CEO of The Artist Evolution, a full-service agency building memorable brands, marketing tools and campaigns for startups to household brands. Derek is also the author of the best-selling marketing book Don’t Buy a Duck(endorsed by Seth Godin) and the host of the popular Business Leadership Series podcast that also airs as a weekly business show on ESPN radio regionally. Now Derek aims to educate entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers on creating effective marketing that drives engagement right to the bottom line through his new FREE marketing webinar: marketingstrategywebinar.net