What REALLY is your Personal Legacy? with Jennifer Carroll

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What REALLY is your Personal Legacy? with Jennifer Carroll

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This is a tear-jerker, Jennifer and I shared bout her late husband and love of her life, how he made his first million when he was 25 and made her a widow at 45. In her book BEYOND INVINCIBLE – she shares her journey from being married to a successful entrepreneur and mom, to an empty house and empty heart.  It is a story of overcoming heartache and turning that heartache into helping others succeed in life.
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Who is Jennifer Carroll

Jennifer Carroll is a former TV news reporter turned wife, mother, desperate housewife, author, speaker, caregiver, and now a widow. With her effervescent personality and humor, she has channeled her grief into a passionate message of resilience and lessons learned through loss. Her motto is to engage people with laughter, move them to tears, and inspire action that will better their years

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