WHH64: Meet “Marketing Jedi” Martinez Founder MoneyForLunch.com

Bert Martinez

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Hey Winners,

Sometimes in my entrepreneurial life, I come across some crazy peeps! Bert is one of those! Fun, Wild, Crazy and Wicket Smart. Our interview got whacky, but as the founder of MoneyForLunch.com – I can promise you this interview is full of nuggets and strategies that you can execute.

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Heather Havenwood

Bert Martinez

Bert Martinez is a “Marketing Jedi”. He helps companies discover their marketing problems that have stalled their business growth. And helps them uncover lost and hidden opportunities that could be worth millions. He’s got a knack for laying down growth strategies for businesses in a single conversation, and helping his clients execute.

Bert's clients include Google, US Air Force, CBS, as well as Hollywood celebrities, Consultants, Best Selling Authors, and over 2000 thousand business in over 32 countries. Bert's skills and abilities have been featured in almost every national media outlet in the US.

Bert is the founder of MoneyForLunch.com