WHH65: How to Sell in a Regulated Business with Technology with Phil Gerbyshak

WHH65: How to Sell in a Regulated Business with Technology with Phil Gerbyshak

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Hi Winners!

Are you a financial advisor, lawyer, or stock broker? And you are tied by compliance? How do they expect you to sell in such a digital world?

How can you leverage video and other tools without pissing off the compliance department?

Phil Gerbyshak, is your guy. He specializes in helping sales professionals, especially in high compliance industries maneuver their way with through using technology to generate sales.

This interview for me was perfect timing, I have had a client and two friends that asked me how to leverage digital marketing and still be in compliance. I really did not know how to help them.

BUT….I did find them Phil!

This is a solid interview, with great nuggets.


Heather Havenwood

Phil Gerbyshak

there from the beginning, teaching sales people how to integrate
technology and social selling into their sales process to drive
their bottom line. An award winning speaker and a sought after expert,
Phil Gerbyshak knows it's all about the conversations you have
that lead to the conversions you want, not just the technology.
From delivering email by hand, to selling not to high speed internet,
to being a stock broker and now to being a
trusted advisor and trainer to small business owners and sales
and he can help you get them too! When he's not teaches
the world to sell more, he can be found reading the latest business book,
playing pinball, or walking along the Florida Gulf Coast,
 finding new ideas to build business with.