WHH32: The Wussification of America. What the H$LL Happened? with Larry Winget

Larry Winget, Heather Havenwood

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Who is Larry Winget?

Larry Winget is the Pitbull of Personal Development® and that translates to having a business of telling the cold, hard truth in order to help people reach their potential. He's publish six NY Times/Wall Street Journal Bestsellers, has had his own show on A&E, is a regular contributor on several national television news shows, and has spoken to over 400 of the Fortune 500 companies.

He's a straight-shooter and that's one of the things I love about him and why I was so excited to have him the show.

“My point of view, that sums up 25 years of speaking and six bestsellers, is your life is your own damn fault.” – Larry Winget

Why 90% of Entrepreneurs Shouldn't Run Businesses

In today's soft entrepreneurial world it's refreshing to meet someone with like-minded view points. Larry and I are definitely on the same page in thinking entrepreneurs today are focusing on the wrong things. For one, we both feel people go into business for the wrong reasons.

“Passion doesn't run a business.” – Larry Winget

Even if an entrepreneur does get past the, “people will pay me for my passion” issue, most of them still run their businesses with the wrong mindset.

“We don’t need emotions anywhere near our businesses.” – Larry Winget

What Business is Every Entrepreneur In?

Larry believes every single business in the world can boiled down to one common thing; solving problems. If you can figure out your customer's problem, come up with a solution you can deliver, and get them to pay for it … you've got a business.

“I am paid in direct proportion to the size of the problem I solve.” – Larry Winget

How the Entitlement Mentality Could Destroy Us All

Larry and I use recent events to make the point that “safe spaces” aren't a thing in the real world. Most entrepreneurs … and I'll say it, most Millenials … don't understand what it takes to run a real business.

They're disillusioned, a problem Larry firmly believes is the fault of parents, into thinking everything should be handed to them or obtaining quickly and easily.

“When we have people who believe they deserve anything, that’s an issue.” – Larry Winget

Success Comes from Sacrifice

I've always consider being an entrepreneur more a mindset than anything else but Larry made a great point in this episode by comparing mindset to commitment.

“I can’t tell what’s inside somebody as far as their mindset is concerned. I can always measure their level of commitment …” – Larry Winget

It is true that have the right mindset won't get you very far if you're prepared to commit to the desired outcome. In business, that outcome is success; what that looks like to the individual.

In addition to commitment, Larry strongly believes success cannot be obtained without some form of sacrifice.

 “You don’t ‘get’ successful. You give up what’s making you unsuccessful.” – Larry Winget

If you are short on time, here are the highlights of The Wussification of America. What the H$LL Happened?:

Who is Larry Winget? (2:29)
Why 90% of Entrepreneurs Shouldn't Run Businesses (3:44)
What Business is Every Entrepreneur In? (8:50)
How the Entitlement Mentality Could Destroy Us All (14:43)
Punishing the Best and Rewarding the Worst (26:55)
Success Comes from Sacrifice (38:19)

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Larry Winget's Bio

Larry Winget is a bestselling author, television personality, social commentator and internationally acclaimed speaker. His newest book, Grow A Pair: How To Stop Being a Victim and Take Back Your Life, Your Business and Your Sanity is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller.

He has also written five additional New York Times/Wall Street Journal bestselling books that have been translated into over 20 languages including Shut Up, Stop Whining and Get A Life; You're Broke Because You Want To Be; Its Called Work For A Reason; People Are Idiots And I Can Prove It; and Your Kids Are Your Own Fault.

Larry has starred in his own television series on A&E, two PBS specials and two CNBC specials. He has appeared on Dr. Phil, The Today Show, Tool Academy, The Big Idea, Larry King, and in three national television commercials. Larry is a regular contributor on many national television news shows on the topics of success, business, personal finance, and parenting.

He is also a member of the Speaker Hall Of Fame and is the trademarked Pitbull of Personal Development®