YES, Consciousness is NOT produced by the Brain! with Mark Gober

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YES, Consciousness is NOT produced by the Brain! with Mark Gober

Hi Sexy Boss!
I found this interview very interesting. Not because of the content, or the fact that the author discovered through science that Consciousness is not produced by the brain – but by the FACT – that in the interview – Mark, stated that ’those nonlogical’ people – who are whoo whoo – are scientifically correct.
I guess, that the Princeton Academia Rich, who are ‘logical’ believe that consciousness is produced by the brain. And that anyone who believes in ‘energy’ or ‘high self connection’ is a ‘whoo whoo’ person.
I was blown away, that growing up in a religious private school in the east coast he was not exposed to energy, spirit.
You will hear my voice change a bit, it shock!
Heather Havenwood

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Who is Mark Gober

Mark Gober is an author, a Partner at Sherpa Technology Group in Silicon Valley, a former investment banker with UBS in New York, and former captain of the Princeton tennis team. His worldview was turned upside down in late 2016 when he was exposed to world-changing science which suggested that, contrary to mainstream assumptions, consciousness is not produced by the brain. After researching extensively, he wrote An End to Upside Down Thinking to introduce the general public to these cutting-edge ideas — all in an effort to encourage a much-needed global shift in scientific and existential thinking. Mark's book has been endorsed by leading thinkers such as former Harvard neurosurgeon Eben Alexander, Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Pixar founder Loren Carpenter, Chicken Soup for the Soul author Jack Canfield, actress Goldie Hawn, and many others.

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